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    Quote Originally Posted by topscribe
    Well, what I saw was a USC team that was a proven winner. Leinart was a part of that machinery. Yes, he is very good in many ways . . . a Kurt Warner type of player (who is now his teammate, ironically). He will be very good on a team that makes things happen. Jay, conversely, is a QB who can make things happen.



    YES ^^^^^^^^^^ Exactly what I was trying to say about Matt vs. Jay and, as usual, you said it much more clearly and succinctly than I did Top - cp headed your way for the Kurt Warner comparison.

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    I heard the interview on.

    The collin cwheard show! Thats my boy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vandyman53
    This Nashvillian is mad as heck the Titans did not pick Cutler. However, I got my Broncos #6 jersey and will root for the Broncs even when they play the Titans. Shanahan did his thing and did it right.
    Are you kidding? I have a nefew who plays football, and if he got drafted by the Titans(Or any other team) and they played the Broncos, I'd still be rooting for the Broncos. And my Nefew, but only him, not his team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream
    I guess all that talk about Shanahan "dumbing" down the offense has some validity if he said so himself in regards to the fact that he'll be able to do more with Cutler at the helm like he was with Elway. Not hot air afterall, which is interesting. I wish I could have heard that. Wonder if there is a clip up. . .
    Well, we know that Chris Mortenson said it. Whether or not Mike said it, who knows.

    However, I think it would be fair to say that Plummer might not have the arm for every play that Shanny can conceive, when you consider he used to work with arguably the best QB in history.

    Time will show us what Cutler can do. I hope it is a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TXBRONC
    You would now better than I do, but I have heard that Fisher wanted Culter over the other two just as Shanahan did. I'm just glad it workout the way it did.
    Quite right. Fisher wanted Cutler. Now, he will lose his job when Vince can't get the ball from the center.

    Broncos had the smarts. They knew the real quarterback of the group.

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    its kinda funny taht the Titans had conections with all 3 top qbs. the coaching staff wanted Leinart because he had played for Norm Chow. The management wanted Young because they were from Texas. And the fans some of them being from Nashville wanting cutler. No matter who they selected a third of them would be upset.

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