Well guys I went to Bronco Training camp today and there were some interesting things done and some people that have changed positions...

Starting out with Tatum Bell. Mike and Tatum are still splitting time behind the first team. Tatum is now coming out with an attitude of wanting to be the #1 back. He looks like he has a new purpose in mind on most of the plays he is in on.
He has such acceleration speed when he sees a hole in the line and when he is through there is no one that is going to catch him. He also had a screen that looked really good in which he caught the ball and made some good yardage. There was another time when the play broke down and Jake threw Tatum a sideline pass and he caught it with his hands and then put it away.
Tatum actually looks a lot bigger then he was last year, but has not lost any speed. He actually is falling forward when being tackled and hangs on to the ball extremely well. I saw him blocking and it also looks like he has improved on that. I think with Mike S. naming Mike Bell as a starter, it has lit a fire under Tatum and he is trying to get that #1 position.

Mike Bell though looked really good and does not look like he wants to give up the position very easily. He does not have the speed of Tatum but he sees that holes very well and has that acceleration that once he gets to the hole he is going full speed. I actually saw him running away from Al Wilson and Wilson giving chase. He is getting hit like crazy by safeties, linebackers and lineman, trying to strip or jar the ball loose but so far he has not put it on the ground again.
Mike caught a pass out of the backfield today and looked pretty good doing it.

Kyle Johnson seems to also have taken exception to the depth chart and is working very hard. He caught several passes out of the backfield and he is also doing a pretty well in the blocking department. Did not see Cecil at all today, he may be still injured or I might have missed him.

Javon Walker seemed to be bothered by something today. I saw two misses that he should have caught. He does not look hurt at all.

Darrent Williams never ceases to amaze. He has such recover speed even when he has taken a bad read on the receivers. I saw him totally get beat today, but he came back and deflected the ball. He seems to take everything very personal. If someone catches the ball on his side of the field in front of him. He claps his hands together and pumps his fist in the other hand and looks upset that the receiver caught the pass in front of him.

John Lynch looks bigger than I remember him from last year. He is such a smart palyer and that helps out everyone.

Ron Dayne and Brandon Williams sat out practice this morning.

Guess what??? David Kircus was running with first team and still was able to burn the first team defense many times. Remember the double moves Eddie M. would make to get open. Kircus used one of the these movers this morning. He acted like he was going to do a slant and then accelerated to get a long pass that ended in a touchdown.
I actually saw him burn Champ Bailey a couple of times. One move was just a button hook, but he acted like it was going to be an "out" pattern.

Very few balls were thrown to Charlie Adams. The three that were thown to him, he dropped two of them. No real consistency there. He is just not having a real good Training Camp