Neither QB is particularly impressive at this point in their respective careers. Physical talent is definitely there...but they make games boring as hell!

The problem (ie low scores) lies within the sucky O-lines, on both sides. Both OL's are completely overmatched IMO by the opposing DL, so you get a 13-10 as a result.

I didn't watch all of the game, but I'd love to add a few players from both sides to Denver. Buster Davis on the second day would be great...he looks like he could make a beastly special teams cover-guy. Looks like Baraka Atkins has the necessary size to play in Denver. Miami's safeties are both freaks...Kenny Phillips in a few years could be the next mega-stud out of Miami. If Mike Bell turns out, Lorenzo Booker would make an excellent complimentary back (10 touches max/game). He was one of the top California recruits a few years back I believe...and I'm not sure if I can pin the shoddy run game on him directly. FSU's line has sucked for a while now. Chris Davis would be a nice mid round pick too...he looked like an adequate returner and he's supposedly a possession guy.