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    Quote Originally Posted by atl-bronco
    Gridiron Chump,

    Wow, your knowledge of the Bronco's preseason game is about as good as mine.
    Funny how a KC fan follows Denver's play-by-play.
    Understandable if your a Bronco's fan and unable to admit it.

    Anyway did the Chiefs play last night?
    Actually i pay the second most attention to Denver out of all NFL teams. I like football, but more important i like to know what to talk about here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DawgFanatic
    to answer ur question...yes they barely beat the saints yesterday at arrowhead...
    And the award for biggest play on words goes to.....*drum roll* Dawgfanatic!

    The Chiefs did win last night 10-9, but thier is alot more to the game. But both teams only scored thier TDs in the last half of the 4th quarter. McKenzie Smith looked great on the drive when KC scored, i hope he beats out Dee Brown.

    The Saints played thier starters about 3 drives maybe less and thier D played about a quarter and KC didnt play anyoffensive starters at all but the D was in there for about half a quarter or more and then the second string came in. Mctyre or whatever his name is made some nice grabs and so did Webb. Brodie looked alot better this game than his last performence and the D was quite impressive. The rookies Hali, Pollard, and Page are looking pretty dam impressive so far. Looks like a good future D squad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TR3Y
    First of all - what a magnificent feat of engineering - the Cardinals new home is dope as hell - here's to the Bidwell's finally doing something right for the Cardinals and the state of Arizona
    --- Prop 302 was narrowly passed by the voting constituents of the State of Arizona ---

    --- This proposition was promoted by groups of Cardinal players, incuding Jake, going door to door, and appearing on promos and ads ---

    --- Prop 302 provided legislation to enact a small tax on rental cars and hotel rooms ---

    --- This tax is only a few cents but has grown to be a considerable amount, and continues to grow ---

    --- These funds are managed by the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority ---

    --- From the beginning, only 320 million was dedicated to the new stadium.

    --- The rest of the funds are for youth athletic field construction and tourism promotion ---

    --- The only reason this Prop 302 got 52% of the vote was because the tax is only on folks who stay in hotel rooms and rent cars --- This does not affect the majority of area residents ---

    --- Bidwill only invested 86 million --- that's Bid-W-I-L-L ---

    --- Bidwill is just going to take his slice of the NFL revenue pie and will never invest in the team's future --- many former Cards are all over the League sporting SB rings just because Bill wouldn't re-sign them ---

    --- For more info on the history of the stadium check out this link:


    --- As for the game, Green ran his starters into the second quarter ---

    --- Warner was on a drive at the end of the first, and they stayed in to finish it off in the first part of the second ---


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