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    Quote Originally Posted by rcsodak
    So, I'm cornfused.....

    ..."doodiehead" is a C.O.C. violation?

    I say we vote on allowing said "doodiehead" to be used.....

    ...all in favor, say "AYE"!!!!!


    Captain Doodiehead

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    Quote Originally Posted by His Wife
    I'm surprised ....perplexed.... I thought it would be safe to assume you would 'forgive' your company of their faults and suggest they revisit with 'the man upstairs'....

    Everything is changing in this world as I once knew it.....

    As much as I would like to comment on this post I won't. I appreciate your opinion on this matter. I am too afraid it would turn into a religious topic which is banned from this site.
    Thanks for the Sig "rjent"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWinn
    Lets have a little scenario.

    Your having a dinner party. Several couples attend. Say, twenty or thirty people.

    Everyone's pretty much getting along. No problems. These are all your friends after all. People who all know each other.

    Then the topic turns to something more volatile. You pick the topic. The war for example. Or a player on the local team, lol.

    Anyway, two of the people, lets say two of the men, disagree, quite vehemently. An argument ensues. You step in and say something like,"C'mon guys, were all friends here, having a nice dinner. Lets try to get along, maybe change the subject.".

    Peachy keen huh?

    But one of them just cant let it go. For the next hour or so, he slips in snide comments. CONSTANTLY! Both openly, and in whispers to those around him at the table, or in the living room.

    This goes on for another hour or so, and others are getting uncomfortable. It's not like this guy is exactly trying to hide his feelings. He's still angry, and just doesnt care. He's gonna show it.

    Now, later, this guy, the one who cant let go, takes the other's WIFE aside (she had NOTHING to do with this, btw). He lets her have it. All but slaps her across the face. Tells her how he's going to make it his mission in life to ruin her husband. What a jerk he is.

    Now lets say this happened in the kitchen. YOUR kitchen, and indeed, he lost control so much, he threw a plate at her.

    She comes to you. You both go in the kitchen, and she points out the plate, smashed on the floor, and the small cut on her arm where it hit her.

    There's your scenario.

    How are you going to handle it? Are you going to come out and tell the rest of your guests what happened? Or are you just going to ask the guy to leave quietly? Maybe out the back door.

    He didnt lose his cool in the living room, but made a point of doing it privately, and not even to the real person to whom his anger is directed, but his wife.

    Just exactly what do you tell the rest of your guests when they ask what happened, where "Bob" went? Do you really tell them the whole story? Or do you try to spare Bob the embarassment?

    After all, even though he was being somewhat rude openly, he lost it privately.

    Just how do you react when having an event in your home and someone loses control?

    Just curious...........

    Edit......I'm interested in everyone's response to this scenario.
    I haven't laughed this hard in a week (and that was from the board as well). This was extremely clever and very funny. Thanks---

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWinn

    Captain Doodiehead

    Aye...and if nobody has claimed it...since I am the newest Captain...can I be Captian Doodiehead!!!


    Thats reserved for those moving up the ranks later.

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