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    he was getting blocked 10 yards upfield by two lineman,how was he holding?
    If you look at it again, Spencer's shirt was being pulled, I personally wonder if it should of been called, but it happened.

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    well, if that's true, he was most likely holding his shirt to prevent himself from falling, not to take the guy out of the play. it obviously had no impact on the play and should not have been called since the guy he was holding wasn't trying to get in the play, he was going in the opposite direction

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    I am still exicted, how about you?

    Who is still pumped for next week? I sure am. The way i see it is this, Cutler played as expected, but worse than we had hoped (and he could have even been worse). As a Broncos fan i would not want this season to go any other way given the circumstances, here are my reasons:

    People are now saying "i bet Plummer would have won that game", all i can say is how many times have we said " i know cutler would have won that game." What goes around come around, and what has happened, happened.

    They way i feel now is if we make the playoffs, great! However, if we do not end up making them, thats fine. I am more excited to see Cutler play and lose, then Plummer win some, and lose in the playoffs (i think Plummer can win, in the post season, but not with the state our team is in now).

    Cutler will have to make his first start sometime, whether it was yesterday or next year, and there is no better experience than game time experience.

    Anyway, I am much more excited to see Cutler play and probably lose, then to see Plummer play and probably win, and blow it in the playoffs. I would rather Jay obtain his experience now, and be ready for next season (who knows we still could make the playoffs). So when next week comes around, i will be cheering as hard as ever, for our team.

    I don't know, i am still just as happy to be a Bronco fan, even now, and accept that our team is re-building. Rather then expect the best, and become aggravated when our team, as a whole, under performs. Don't get me wrong i am still hoping for the best, and loving every chance i get to watch our team play. So, lets break this feeling of gloom and doom, and stop playing the blame game. We have plenty of talent of this team, and i still believe that shanny can utilize it.

    Go Broncos.

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    Relate-pretty much the same. a lot of talent, not enough production, although, we have the adv. of not throwing the coach under the bus after every lose(players talking to the media)-well, we(some ppl) did that to Jake so I guess the Giants and Broncos will play in the "Superbowl Blame Game" this yr. lol

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