It's a horrible tragedy that happened on this day. I remember the Broncos-Colt game and how Peyton kept on throwing the ball on his side. Yeah, he got burnt alot, but he kept on trying and trying. He earned my respect as a player that day and every week afterwards I would make sure to watch his play and cheer him on. I found out about this from a complete stranger. He went to me and said "Hey, you're a Broncos Fan I see (seeing that I'm in New York, when you wear a Broncos Cap, people notice)." I said yeah, then he told me about what happened. I bowed my head and my eyes welled up automatically. After such a tough loss last evening against the 49'ers, it's terrible that this had to happen to a person with so much drive and potential to be something special not too far down the line. I feel absolutely horrid for his 2 children. They're going to grow up w/o a father. I feel bad for his immediate family: Having to deal with such a loss. I feel not just for him, but for the Denver Broncos organization, the people that loved him the most in his personal life, and of course, the fans that rooted for him this year. We will surely miss you...and I'm sorry that your life was cut short so senselessly.