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    As fans. We dont realize what a player really means to us and the team. We overlook performance and judge just off that. You dont realize how good of a person is and how much you really like someone until they are really gone. I know many criticzed Darrent Williams for his inconsistent performances but today, we found out the hard way that once a player is gone, all his bad games and good games MEAN NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! Darrent was a great person and great player and we found out we all really miss him even when he screwed up at times. I hope this is a lesson to all of us in life that these players are human and are just like any of us. Criticizing a player is fine IMO, but there are limits because i would much rather have a guy blow games over and over for us or make the same mistakes than have him gone for good. Think about that next time a player dissapoints you at certain moments..that you are blessed to have a great player/person on your roster.
    (note im not saying DW blew games for you but im just trying to say a bad performance or mistake is more acceptable than losing a man, a teammate, a player and friend)

    RIP Darrent Williams. Love you and I hope for the best for your family/friends/teammates and Broncos from now on.

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    My thoughts exactly. Well said.

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    BE careful what you speak of... words have power. I feel so bad for calling Darrent out after botched punt fumble where Al Wislon got hurt for it all seems meaningless now. To think of how I felt last night with the Broncos loss and to thik about what I feel right now with this tragic story. Thank you D-will for bringing happiness into my life. Watching the BRoncos brings me joy and you were part of that. I was proud to have you on my team the last two years and that we "stole" you with the 56th pick. You trulyt where a meteor who shot acrosss the Denver Horizon and 2007 (2..7) will eb the season we dedicate to your memory and honor!

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    I have witnessed people dying at war and I was saddened for them. I am even more saddened by the passing of Darrent. Darrent's life was stripped away from him meaninglessly, for nothing. No good will come from it. Sometimes I just don't understand what this world is turning into. I hope that some of us can realize that the war overseas isn't all that we need to be concerned with. Our society is in trouble. We need to take a good, long, look at what our country is becoming and decide to do something about it so that no more of these tragedies happen.
    Rebuilding sucks.

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