some of you people should really be ashamed of yourselves...a man has died, his family has lost their loved one, his kids have lost their father for life...yet all some of you can think about is the expense here. I'm quite sure the Broncos Organization and the NFL don't need anything from you, but rather they are trying to allow the public to contribute on their own. Some of you who have made the ridiculous statements you have made and you know who you are should feel guilty and not because you can't help out but because you are just selfish and totally greedy individuals not to mention not too smart as well. I can guarantee they don't need anything from us but I for one am one of those people who have written the Broncos Organization directly offering my willingness to wanting to help and I'm a die-hard colts fan....see this is way bigger than football these kids and the rest of his family have lost a father, son, nephew, boyfriend and what have you. If you are true human beings than I'm genuinely ashamed and disgusted at some of your selfish and totally senseless comments not to mention your complete lack of sensitivity towards this whole calous, merciless, disgusting situation. To the rest of you good work!!!! Job well done!!!!