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    Quote Originally Posted by Southstander
    That is a false delema, neither answer is correct. You can't be overrated if you win 3 SB in 5 years.
    Exactly. This is the key point.
    The human body has two ends on it: one to create with and one to sit on. Sometimes people get their ends reversed. When this happens they need a kick in the seat of the pants. --- Theodore Roosevelt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passepartout
    Patriots seemed to be either overrated
    Or just media darlings. That every newspaper
    Seems biased towards them, especially the people
    Like Vic Carucci at He seems to love them.
    If you read his columns.
    They are the best team of our time.

    As good as you are afraid the Patriots are.....They are!

    Don't fight it people....They are special!

    Even if they lose they are special!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Joe
    this dynasty they have is built on a foundation of bull****. Having watched every single snap, of every new england post season game since 2001, they do get away with murder on a regular basis. 4 playoff games and the offensive line never called for holding? GTFO, holding happens on every play, the reffs chose to look the other way. In those same 4 games(Tennessee, Indy X2, Pittsburg) that overly phyiscal secondary was never onced flagged for illegal contact of pass interference. You've got to be kidding me. The same team that employed Ty Law was never once flagged for interference in the post season......not because it never happend, it happend almost every play in the 2003 AFCCG in New England, they chose not to call it. Consipracy? I try not to buy into such things, but sometimes its kind of hard to believe these games are being called fairly.
    Yep, the proof is all there.

    Seriously, the NFL needs to stop making rules that benefit ONE team in particular & just have an absolute, EVEN level playing field. No politics from the competition committee, no biased officiating, none of that bullsh*t.

    It isn't fair to the rest of the teams working their balls off to win a Super Bowl. If I was a member of the NFL in any form, I'd recommend that EVERY team needs to be on a level playing field with no officials from any team trying to get the NFL to make rules & officiate games their way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic Raider
    The Patriots are the media darlings because of their logo.

    During the 2001 playoffs (the same season the September 11 attacks happened), the referees & the NFL made sure the Patriots walked away with a Super Bowl by basically handing the championships to them on a plate. The infamous "Tuck Rule" game (Which I'm STILL angry over) started it all

    All this sucking up by the referes didn't stop, they give Pats calls that weren't supposed to be made & they let them keep the fumble recoveries when it wasn't supposed to happen.

    The media also sucks up to New England, I seem to recall a game that Miami *****slapped them so hard earlier this year 21-0 but the media accused Miami of "stealing" footage of the Patriots.

    COME ON! If it was the Patriots doing that **** the media would've had yet another orgasm, worshipping Tom Brady & his "Special" team. BULL****! Miami won that game fair & square, it's not illegal to get team footage & hear signals.

    The Patriots are the darlings of the NFL & it ****ing pisses me off. I hate the Patriots even more than the Chargers & the Broncos. The Patriots are the scum of the AFC & I hope the Colts wipe the floor with the darlings of the AFC.
    it's a conspiracy i tell you!

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