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    Quote Originally Posted by BroncoManiac_69

    For the San Diego fans to come here and complain on our boards, like I already said, is ridiculous.

    Take it elsewhere.

    We have our own sorrows and don't need Bolt fans whining about their loss on our boards.

    If they want to discuss the game fine but I for one will not let these SD fans come here and make us feel sorry for them.

    I am not done with you yet.

    We Bronco fans are still mourning our loss to the 49ers that put us out of the playoffs. Then we had to endure the DWill tragedy.

    So Take your whiney ass to the Bolt boards and complain there. Not here.

    CYA next year Bolts.
    I by no means am here to whine. I am not here to complain either. Why in the hell would I need you to feel sorry for us!?!? I simply responded to a thread posted by your fellow Bronco Fan. I am here to discuss what happen after the game and defend LT's reaction.

    Don't get your panties in a bunch because the word "Chargers" appears in my screen name. You need to grow up and stop looking for someone to attack because your Broncos had a poor season.
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