* New Orleans has hosted the Super Bowl the most at nine times. Miami has hosted eight times.
* Dallas, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh have won the most Super Bowls at five times.
* The longest Super Bowl winning streak has only been two in a row.
* Minnesota, Buffalo and Denver have lost the most Super Bowls at four times. Buffalo lost four times in a row.
* The longest run in a Super Bowl was 75 yards by Willie Parker during Super Bowl XL.
* Mike Ditka and Tom Flores are the only two men to win a Super Bowl both as a player and a coach.
* In 1981, Oakland linebacker Rod Martin set a record with three interceptions.
* In 2000, St. Louis quarterback Kurt Warner set a record with 414 yards passing.
* In 1989, San Francisco wide receiver Jerry Rice gained 215 yards on 11 catches.
* The name "Super Bowl" was not used officially until the third championship game in January 1969.
* No NFL team has ever played the Super Bowl in their own stadium.
* The NFC won 13 Super Bowls in a row, starting in 1985. The streak was broken in 1998 when the Denver Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers.
* The only undefeated season in NFL history was completed by coach Don Shula and the Miami Dolphins, after winning Super Bowl VII.
* The largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl was 55-10, 49ers over the Broncos, in Super Bowl XXIV.
* The only Super Bowl to be decided by a single point was Super Bowl XXV, with the Giants over the Bills 20-19.
* The Vince Lombardi Trophy, crafted by Tiffany and Co. and valued at $25,000, is made of sterling silver and weighs 7 pounds.
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Aw, we got 2 "big" records for being the loser of the largest margin and lost the most Super Bowl.
But hey, we broke that 13 consecutive NFC wins.
3 more SBs to go to even out with Pits, Cowgirls and 49ers.