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    To Darrents Family

    I am sitting at the computer and looking at stuff I bought the night before Darrent was murdered. I am also looking at a tribute poster I made for him to put in my Broncos room. I told you that I would never forget him and I won't. When I first posted about this someone wanted me banned. I never got an apology, and that doesn't really matter. What matters is, I will never forget Darrent. Especially when I met him. He was surprised I wanted his autograph and his smile, I will never forget. Please rest assured this Bronco fan hasn't forgotten and never will.
    You are in my thoughts and in my prayers always.
    Take good care cause I care!
    Colorado Springs
    I'll take a wide receiver with everything...Eddie Mac

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    That's very nice.

    None of us will forget.

    I hope the Williams' get this.

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    Nice post and I hope no Bronco fan will forget D-Will.

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    Very nice and Very True! D-Will is Part of our family..we will never forget!

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