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    I agree...but I think they'll jump even farther up than Willis

    Quote Originally Posted by D.J.55
    here's what i think. if we do get rid of Al, weather it be by trade or release, i think will go after a LB in the draft. and theres a good chance that we might go after patrick willis of ole miss. i kno drafting another LB in first would do the exact same thing it did to D.J. but our team is built around our starting LBs. our hole defense is based around the speed of our LBs and everyone knows that willis is the fastest LB in this draft (4.37 40 at his pro day). if we do go after patrick willis we have to move up to atleast 10 or 11 but i kno shnny could do it.

    i would feel more comfortable getting willis than getting ed hartwell if Al leaves.
    Buffalo would probably trade down from 12 to target Posluzny and let the Broncos take Willis, although I wouldn't mind staying where we are because Poluszny will be there @ 21 and we could do some changing around in the the LB spot with GOLD, DJ and Poluszny. I'm not sold on Jarvis Moss and would rather take a solid fast LB

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFuture6
    With Cecil getting a look a RB, I think we can all agree that we will no longer be drafting a RB 1st day. Pesonally, Id like to keep Cecil at FB rather than have him at 3rd RB because he could be a serious weapon on offense. I wonder if this means we will bring Kyle Johnson back, even with Paul Smith....

    .....just thinking out loud now.....
    If only Cecil could stay healthy I believe he is a great weapon on the field. I think he will be rewarded for his hard work and get a shot at RB.

    Denver should have never cut Tod.

    Why did Mc'D get rid of Hillis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorcust
    If we got Ed Hartwell, I'd ask Albert Haynesworth to squaredance on my face.
    Why is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WABronco
    Why is that?
    Mainly because he doesn't inspire me with confidence that he would be any better than Nate Webster.

    Someone potentially good when healthy, but injuries make them a big question mark.

    Especially if we don't get worthy compensation for Big Al should he leave Denver.

    Like you, my main concern with him is his recent injury history, and is something I hope Shanahan takes into account severely before he decides on anything.

    Also, keep in mind his best years were as a Raven, with a severe influx of Defensive Talent surrounding him. Players like Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware, etc.

    The same talent we can hardly provide.

    Sadly though, looking around, I can't see a better option available should we send Wilson unceremoniously packing.

    If we select a better player potentially in Patrick Willis (via trading up for example), we hinder ourselves from selecting another need like Safety or Defensive Line.

    Personally I think its a possibility, but we should continue to seek negotiation with Al Wilson to stay on the team, and hopefully things can work out.

    Also, should he become the SAM, I'm not entirely enamored with D.J. at the mike position.

    Talk about him being a natural Mike sure, but he has limited experience at the position and his inability to take on blocks at the SAM position sort of makes me skeptical on how successful he will be at the Mike. Especially if we can't upgrade the Defensive Tackles to allow D.J. to Roam. That last statement applying for Hartwell too.

    I think we'd be better off keeping Wilson personally, but if his salary is holding back the team, the team wins that struggle.

    Personally, I could see us sending Al to Buffalo.

    With a depleted LB corp and many needs to fill such as CB, LB (all positions) and RB, they could use all the veteran help they can get.

    There are just so many factors to consider, but if he did come here, in all exaggeration aside...

    I stand by my philosophy on any offseason move:

    Only after seeing how the results (which is all that matters in these cases) of a transaction can I accurately judge how good or bad it was.

    150 lbs of pure steel and sex appeal.

    D.J. 55's Mock Draft:

    Denver Broncos General Manager

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncolee

    If a player doesn't want to talk to the media, he shouldn't have to. Pat Bowlen should promise to pay the fine of any Denver OL who doesn't talk to the media.

    What if the media doesn't want to talk to the players? You know, maybe the media doesn't really care what the 4th string benchwarmer has to say. Is that player now required to interupt other players who are doing interviews so that he doesn't get fined? Are players going to have to call into radio sports shows to get credit for talking to the media? Does Shanahan have a TV show that's aired in Denver? If so, is he going to have to parade his players through the show so that they can make a quick comment to the media to fulfill their requirement?

    Presumably this new policy simply means that players can't refuse to speak to the media if asked by a reporter to be interviewed, but still, it's WRONG!

    As far as Myers and Sauerbrun go, I can take 'em or leave 'em. All though, I think it should be noted that the guy we sent to Carolina to get Sauerbrun was the third best punter in the league this past season, according to espn. I'm not sure if it was net yards or gross yards, but he was the 3rd best.
    I agree. If a player doesn't want to talk to the media, should they be forced? IMO I think not. Myers, I haven't been impressed with. Sauerbrun; hey, he's good no doubt about it. But his off the field problems; hey, I don't know but I wouldn't take a chance on him. But that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorcust
    Someone potentially good when healthy, but injuries make them a big question mark.
    I don't think he needs to be anymore than a two down player that can hold his ground. He's built to be that type of player, and his style translates well to the strongside IMO.

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