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    Matt Williamson Chat Highlights

    Robert (Fresno, CA): Is Carriker a realistic pick for Denver and will he fit Jim Bates system?

    Matt Williamson: I bet he is gone before that. He would be a good fit and I am extremely high on Carriker, but an edge rusher like Jarvis Moss might make more sense for Denver...especially where they are picking.

    Matt (Orlando): Heard a rumor of Denver looking into acquiring Kris Jenkins. Would swapping Al Wilson and Kris Jenkins be a good fit and make sense for both teams?

    Matt Williamson: I don't know the salary cap implecations in that deal, but that isn't too far fetched. If Dan Morgan is healhy (yeah, right) than Wilson could slide to the outside. Maybe.

    donnie, carolina: I heard rumors of jenkins going to rams/denver also. I'm wondering why coaching staff is so down on him when he's only 27 yrs old ?

    Matt Williamson: The Rams could really use him. I agree. When healthy, he is unbelievable. He does get too heavy, which can contribute to his injuries, but guys like him do not grow on trees and he might be a better player in 2007 with one more year removed from his injury.

    Jeff (North Carolina): Do you think Carolina trades jenkins for draft picks?

    Matt Williamson: Yeah, he sure seems to have fallen out of favor there. He can be special, but his work habits are questionable. Still, I would be hesitant to move him.

    Jeff (Colorado): Matt, if the Broncos stay put, is Jarvis Moss the pick?

    Matt Williamson: Yeah, that is where I have Moss going. Makes a lot of sense and a good fit.
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    Oh man, If we get jenkins and moss might as well pre order superbowl tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broncosfreak_56
    Oh man, If we get jenkins and moss might as well pre order superbowl tickets.
    I agree although both those two will be injued an awful lot

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    Lots of competition for Jenkins, and I am not certain if Rogers is out of the picture, yet. McKinley and Warren and Jenkins and ? would make a good rotation, maybe, if the Broncos find a DT that can rush on third downs. Keep in mind that the fatties in the middle usually run out of gas quickly, and can be useless against no-huddle offenses. Michael Dean Perry comes to mind here with a great deal of anger.

    So, even with a good secondary, the Broncos still need a forceful pass rush, and a S who can help cover the third guy out and the TE. My point is that too much may be made of the Jenkins guy because he does have some issues.

    Bottom line is that I am ambivalent about whether Denver gets him or not.

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