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    Quote Originally Posted by TXBRONC
    There was article written just recently that talked about how Shanahan is willing to throw out a red herring to throw the competition off of who he really is interested in.
    On a rare day when I've run out of CP's you go and use "Red Herring" in a football conversation.

    I owe you one...

    You're right on Shanahan's scent on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cugel
    Well, this IS interesting. The Post reports that the Broncos are targeting Adam Carriker with their #1 pick. Their backup pick is reportedly DE Anthony Spencer of Purdue. LINK

    This tells us a number of things. First, it tends to confirm the mocks I've seen with the 49ers taking Carriker. As of now, the Broncos would need to trade up to #10 to be sure of Carriker, which could explain their interest in the Redskins #6 pick (although at #6 they could also consider either Gaines Adams or Jamaal Anderson or Okoye too).

    More importantly, this is the first real indication I've seen that Denver is targeting a DL with their #1 pick. That would explain Shanahan's attempts to get extra picks he could use to move up the draft board into the top 10. He would be looking to draft one of the top three or four DL: Anderson, Adams, Carriker or Okoye, none of whom would probably be available at #12.

    It also appears more likely that Denver will take a DE in the first than a DT (either Okoye if the Broncos managed to get into the top 10) or Alan Branch who has reportedly been slipping down the boards and could conceivably be available at #21 (although I doubt it). After all Denver tried to sign Patrick Kerney and now has been reportedly looking at Carriker. I'd say their interest in a DE is serious at this point.

    Patrick Willis has been rising up the boards and is now considered the best LB in the draft. It'll be interesting to see where he goes. Last year A.J. Hawk went at #5. In 2005 DeMarcus Ware went #11, just ahead of Merriman. So, it's about a 50-50 chance that a player like Willis would be taken in the top 10.

    But, I am encouraged to see that Shanahan is possibly serious about getting some DL help this draft! :wave:
    Man I've been waiting for some posts like this; Man that's music to my earbones.
    If we could land a pass rusher like Carriker I wouldn't be crying, even if we had to give up a few draft picks. We're only 1 or 2 people away from THE Superbowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pipes7
    Last year Shanny "was rumored" to really like TE Vernon Davis and tried moving up to get him (I'm personally glad they got Cutler) but the 49ers took him.

    Then, the 49ers knocked Denver out of the playoffs.

    Now, the 49ers might take Carriker, who Denver is "rumored" to be targeting.

    -Add all of this together and I'm really starting to loathe that franchise!

    ps....good post!
    You should loathe them for Super Bowl XXIV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc50cal
    You should loathe them for Super Bowl XXIV.
    You just had to pick that 55 point scab.......didn't you?

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