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    Quote Originally Posted by I_Only_Like_Jay View Post
    Wouldn't this be considered a trick play? And if it's legal, it's not cheating.
    And this wouldn't fly in the NFL because I'm fairly sure that if there wasn't a time out called, even on a play like this, that the pros would be smart enough to figure out what was going on.
    Ya this play would never work in the NFL, I was surprised it worked for us at the high school level..

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    I wouldn't say it wouldn't work... remember that Patriots' trick play where the kicker through it to the wide receiver that no one followed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynchembaby View Post
    i think its a good play
    football is a game of chess not checkers
    this actually teaches a few leasons early for kids to learn
    the other teams coaches are at fault for not coaching his/her team correctly
    the team that pulled the play off is following the rules within the limits, so ya cant blame them there
    look at some of the plays that happen in the nfl that people cheer for when they go their way.
    dan marino fake spike for a td classic
    That's what I mean, if the ball moves or exchanges hands, the defense better be going towards that ball and getting whoever has the ball

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlWilsonizKING View Post
    Kinda like the "fake kneel down" a while back..........Wasn't it Marino who did that...then threw a TD and won the game.


    Just thought I'd bring it up again..........



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    Quote Originally Posted by dandaman23 View Post
    Ya this play would never work in the NFL, I was surprised it worked for us at the high school level..
    Like Doug Flutie's drop kick, these things work once in living memory
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomad Broncofan View Post
    Shame, Shame! The integrity of football will be ruined by plays like this. Buut, I'll have to remember this play down the road for my son's team. Was the offense set? Because if they were (what I teach the kids, if the ball moves, go).
    I love gimmick plays!!!!!

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    Football is the great sport it is due to it is a game of strategy. Out thinking your opponent, coming up with ways to both score and to keep the other team from scoring.

    The offense simply dreamed up a strategy to get a score, can't fault anyone but the other team that got out smarted.

    Nothing wrong with the play what so ever.

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    That's an awesome play. As long as it's legal, props to them. Because it's a trick play, not cheating.

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