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    Quote Originally Posted by MindField View Post

    They say Camp is all about competiton, but the reality is, that is not always the case.
    I would have to say that Shanny's camps ARE about competition. He plays whoever puts us, in his and the coaches' opinions, in the best position to win. Rod Smith - undrafted, TD - 6th round.... this list goes on for a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MindField View Post
    Well, if he was or is so great, why hasn't he been a starter before now?

    Why the need to aquire Lang last year at all? I mean, after all, Engelberger was already here...

    No, Lang was placed with the third team before TC ever started. The decsion on him was made and for whatever reason, the Broncos look like they will be moving on without him.

    The reality is, Engelberger plays some ST's, and Lang does not. Crowder is the future, so they really just need to keep that LDE seat warm for a year, if that. I think the Broncos made the decision to move on without Lang after they drafted Crowder, and that is it. This would not be the first time this sort of decsion has been made about a veteran player.

    McKinley is another vet player that looks to be on his way out...

    They say Camp is all about competiton, but the reality is, that is not always the case.
    i've been complaining about the freakin' browncos for years, including mckinley when we acquired him-- i sure as hell won't be shedding any tears to see any of them go!
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    The fact is Engelberger won't be cut at the expense of Lang.

    Our season was cut short because we couldn't stop the run, not because of the lack of pass rush.

    If we could have stopped LT, LJ and Frank Gore, we would have been in the playoffs. The fact is, late in the game, teams would run over us to come back, and they did it successfully.

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    [QUOTE=MindField;1891751]He's not.

    That will prove itself out over time.

    Yes, time will tell one way or the other. However Bates must make these decissions soon and based upon what he believes to be in the best interests of the Broncos' defense

    Shanahan has not always been a personnel guru over his time here...he has made some curious decsions in the past. This just looks like another of those.

    I could be wrong but it looks to me like the front office is pretty leaving the defense in Bates' capable hands.

    If a guy like Engelberger has not done a thing in his previous six years or so in the League, it's pretty naive to think he can just flip a switch and suddenly become a legit starter.

    In terms of number of plays that he participated in last year he outplayed Lang in terms of stopping the run

    BTW, according to one observer, Lang had an outstanding practice will be pretty funny if he comes back and takes Engelbergers job

    . . . and several other days it has been reported that Engelberger was playing the run much better than Lang. It depends upon the day and the observer. The job belongs to whoever can take it from the rest. It isn't just granted to someone. [QUOTE]
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    Quote Originally Posted by dogfish View Post
    i've been complaining about the freakin' browncos for years, including mckinley when we acquired him-- i sure as hell won't be shedding any tears to see any of them go!
    You know, I'm not generally a big critic of Shanny & Co.'s personnel decisions but I do think they screwed up here. Not so much because they acquired all the Browncos but rather because they had to acquire them.

    I don't point fingers at Shanny for any mistakes he made in regards to who drafted. Instead, I was frustrated at what positions he was drafting or, more accurately, what positions he wasn't drafting. If the Broncos had just sunk a 1st to 3rd round pick on a defensive linemen every other year, we probably wouldn't have been in the pickle we were in. But from '98 through '06 we spend exactly two 3rd-rounders and one 2nd-rounder (who never played a down) on defensive linemen.

    I'm a big believer in the philosophy that success in football starts with both lines. I understand that our unique requirements for offensive linemen allows us to find gems (for us) later in the draft. But we have always had the same requirements for defensive linemen as the rest of the league. Thus the lack of attention in the draft paid to such a crucial area completely mystified me.

    This past draft people were endorsing the idea that we trade away the entire draft (and a 1st and 2nd next year) to trade up and draft Calvin Johnson. I can't tell you how that would have ripped my guts to pieces. The emphasis on the defensive line this past draft is exactly what this team has been needing for a very long time. And if one or two of the new guys don't work out we've still got our 1st and 2nd next year to try to make amends.
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