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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWookieeBronco View Post
    I thought that the minute we signed Henry and even before that. The guy has got skills and will work his socks off on the field.

    The three things you need in a runningback are:

    1. Power
    2. The ability to work your socks off.
    3. Speed


    Travis Heny has got all of the above, his ability behind mediorce offensive-lines is outstanding. I think Travis Henry is going to shock everyone (in a good way). Jay Cutler may be the future, Javon Walker is going to really show his true talents the next few years( providing BMarsh can stay healthy this season) but without a good running game NO team goes anywhere in the playoffs.

    *Even power backs need speed and even elusive backs need power.

    I'll aruge with you night and day that the three things a BRONCO'S RB need are
    1. Vision
    2. Cutting ability
    3. Power (aka running down hill)

    You got one of them right! Be happy.
    Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LDB View Post
    Tony Scheffler...broken foot...back on the field.

    Brandon Marshall...tweaked hammy...????
    I think that's why he's in Shanny's doghouse.

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