Colt is 23 right now, but will be 24 in a few days. Just like John Beck, he'll be a very old rookie coming out of college. Teams do take age into consideration when it comes to players. It can be a negative, or a positive. Sometimes it has no effect if the player is truly special, (say a top ten talent, but he's 24 years old, if he fills a need take him) but Brennan has a lot of question marks.

I know Hawaii fan faithful don't like to hear it, but he does. I think the guy has first-round potential and could be a nice quarterback for a team - but he's not a realistic top fifteen selection, and unless I was in dire need of a quarterback - I probably wouldn't consider taking him in round one.

Another thing is, most of the playoff teams have good quarterbacks. So, when you get down into the playoff contenders, most teams aren't going to be looking for a quarterback.

Brennan is an enigma, but one I cannot justify as a legitimate top-half of round one selection, especially with how many QB's there are better than him, and the talent in this class.