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Again why all the support for Marshall? What is it that makes people think he is going to amount to anything more than a Watts or a Lelie?
I think the biggest reason is that he came up big for us last year in key situations. His heralded catch and run in the Seattle game almost won that one for us and he displayed excellent ability in the double throw against Cincy. He consistently plays big and outmuscles DBs for the ball, has good hands and has deceptive speed, can play both over the middle and catch the long-ball.

In contrast Watts couldn't catch, at least not in game situations. And Lelie basically had one dimension which was the occasional long-ball.

I think its reasonable to have high expectations from him, not only does he have great potential but has displayed some of it on the field as he came on last year. The guy is just injured. Perhaps he can't stay healthy, but I think this would be the biggest knock against him.