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    Kaylore's Final Report

    Kaylore's Final Camp Review
    By Kaylore
    Aug 11, 2007, 11:36

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    Well training camp at Dove Valley is officially over. The Broncos will resume their camp in Dallas following the preseason game on Monday night, but future practices in Colorado will be closed to the public. For this final day, the offense stepped up and you began to see the glimmer of things to come with Scheffler, Graham, Henry, Walker and Cutler all making big plays and really challenging the defense together for the first time.

    Given this is my last report, Iíll briefly mention some things that I noticed today and then do a final review of the team as a whole and my predictions here on out. Iíll try and wrap up where the team has grown and where I think theyíll need to get better.

    The most noticeable thing of this last day for me was seeing the injured guys that have come back. It was fun to watch them start to get up to speed again. It was exciting to watch their confidence grow and seem them start to re-emerge as playmakers. Scheffler is steadily becoming faster and quicker and coming back to football shape. He still has some drops but is doing much better at catching and his separation is improving.

    Marshall doesnít look like he was hurt at all and is once again making the big plays that made him the star of camp last year. His size and power really are too much for some of the defensive backs to deal with. Some of the quarterbacks just try and throw in his area and he is able to box out the defenders and bring the ball down. Both he and Scheffler are much more built in their core and arms than they were last season

    Jarvis Moss finished practice and had no knee protection on. Shanahan mentioned that if everything checks out heíll be good to go in the Niners game. He is also showing the burst and speed that impressed me last week and heís not favoring his leg during practice. Tim Crowder was very physical today. He is playing with more tenacity and really uses his hands well. Iím excited to see both he and Moss in action.

    Marcus Thomas is probably the rookie that has progressed the least since camp began. Defensive tackle takes a long time to learn and adjust to the speed of the game from college to the pros. He has played well enough to be on the second team. I do think that his biggest growth will happen throughout the season.

    Jay Cutler had some great throws today. He was throwing well and really doing a great job of finding the coverage he wants and scrambling when nothing was there. He needs to work on checking down more and being more patient with his reads. There are some he checks down too quickly and the guy will break open. Other times he tries to force balls into places he shouldnít.

    Brian Clark and Domenik Hixon also had great practices. Both of them made some fantastic catches and have really grown in the past weeks as players. Javon Walker is vocal and supportive when heís out on the field. He really pushes Marshall and vocally challenges him to make big plays for the team. Itís definitely got a big-brother feel to it. Walker did have one drop where Jay through a perfect ball down the sideline. I was right over Walkerís shoulder and would have been a touchdown, except he dropped it. There were some great plays overall this last time, but especially on the offensive side of the ball. It was nice to see them win one for once.

    So where are the Broncos now? Watching them in practice is hard because one playerís success is anotherís failure. Strength in one area could mean weakness in another, so itís tough to gauge. Iíll make an attempt though.

    The defensive line is talented but the mix of very old and very young could be a concern. There are a lot of new pieces, and if just a couple pan out as regular starters, the defense could be set for some time. Can that be expected right away? Itís hard to say. There is a huge adjustment from preseason to the regular season. Itís one of the reasons that training camp hero rookies vanish in the regular season. The speed of the game is too fast for them to be able read and react. Sam Adams and Warren both look great and have played well. Kennedy is good against the pass, so there is a lot of depth and talent on the line. To expect the defensive line to be working as a cohesive unit right out the gates is a bit of reach, though.

    The linebackers are in better shape than I thought theyíd be. On paper it looks much weaker than last yearís group. However last yearís group didnít play very well as they missed a lot of tackles and struggled against tight ends. I donít think the linebacking corps is perfect, but I donít see the huge drop-off I was expecting and they are playing much better than I anticipated.

    The secondary is the best Iíve seen. The starters speak for themselves. Ferguson and Lynch look great despite the age and injury problems. The depth is where Iím really impressed. Between Foxworth, Shoate and Paymah, we have a secondary that will shut you down if you go three or four wide. Our personnel alone will probably dictate more runs than passes this year.

    The offensive line is a bit of concern. They are still moving pieces around. Kuper gets work at tackle and guard now. Meadows is under whelming. Holland takes plays off. Hamilton and Lepsis are hurt, and so is Ryan Harris. It will be tough if one of them should not be able to come back from injury.

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    The receivers had me worried a bit and the depth still kind of does. In many ways they are like the defensive line: Lots of young guys will really old veterans. Only Walker is the in-between player. I think between Clark, Stokely, Hixon, and Marshall (and with Scheffler and Graham) we have a good enough set to run what we want. I love how big we are at receiver now. Just the size alone of the players should help our running game.

    The Quarterbacks have really grown. Jay does not fumble the snaps from center and is understanding and settling into the offense very well. He is still very impressive and I expect some great, not just good, football from him this year.

    More impressive was Patrick Ramsey. He isnít as good as Jay, but to watch Patrick struggle, learn and then grow every day was really touching. He really should be proud of himself for how far heís come in two weeks. I think heíll surprise some people in the passing game. Preston Parsons is the same player he was last year. Darrell Hackney is fun to watch and a player that should make the team. He has all the physical tools except for size.

    The running backs are set. Between Henry, Sapp, Bell and Andre Hall I think we have enough to work with all season and we have guys that will dish out a beating rather than take one like Tatum did. We are much better at that position than we were last year.

    Special Teams remains a mystery. That is one area that we wonít know about for sure until the games begin. After talking with Scott OíBrien and watching how he runs his practices, I have a lot of confidence that the improvement in that area will be substantial and we could even be toward the top third of the league on special teams. I think Elam will fall off a bit because of the holder situation, but with Sauerbrun back we should see a great improvement in the punting game.

    Overall the team looks to be good. Is it great? No. Itís too early for that. I will need to watch them in preseason and then see what the final roster looks like. My gut says we are still a few pieces away. I feel this is a nine to eleven win team, but I also feel this will be a team that will be really fun to watch this year. It might be like the opposite of last year where things are really exciting but there are games we have trouble getting it all synced up.

    Until then I, like the rest of you, look forward to preseason games, where you can finally see for yourself and form your own opinions. Thanks for reading.

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    Awesome review!!

    Thanks for your knowledge. Im excited for the season.

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    Thank you so much for the great reporting! I wish the Denver Post or some other media outlet had the sense to hire you!

    I went to camp today and I was really impressed with Hixon. Has he been doing that well all through camp?

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    i see a few peices as well. the peices as i see it.

    1. Tackle

    2. Wide Reciever

    3. Safety

    4. Defensive Tackle

    5. LineBacker

    That is my draft order for next year depending on how this year plays out. but as of now this is how i see it.

    Great stuff from ya this year. missed last year but i definetly enjoyed it this year.

    Cant wait to see the game monday night.

    Have you ever thought about hitting up one of the newspapers about a two week job over the summer? id recomend ya
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    I'm sorry to see camp end, not because it's no longer open to the public, but because we won't be seeing your posts anymore.

    Great job, as always!!

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    Each day I check and recheck here and the Man for your camp reports. Reading them is a bright spot in the day. Their quality is first rate and you cover the topics that a fan is interested in. So, until you are better paid, I'll just have to say thank you. I look forward to and appreciate them each year.
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    Hey Kaylore, thanks for all the reports. We really appreciate your bringing them here since we're all Bronco fans, regardless of which board we frequent the most.

    I wish I could find out if the practices against the Cowboys next week are open to the public. I'm sort of in the area for the rest of the month and I'd love to return the favor.

    I will say that you're probably correct in that the team likely won't just dominate right from the start, or maybe even all season. But my hope is that they'll continue to jell as the season progresses and, barring any major injuries, could be peaking come the playoffs. And if that happens, anything is possible.

    Thanks again for everything!
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