These boards make me laugh....

Everyone cries and moans about our d-line and everything else about the preseason. Had we won that game, people would probably still complain. Preseason is a way for coaches to gauge players, if winning meant anything don't you think the playbook would come out.

The coaches get to see their plays in training camp, what works and what doesn't. When the start of the season begins, we see it all come together.

As for Trotter, everyone has an opinion. But everyone's opinion is enough to drive any fan insane! Sign Trotter don't sign him, Browning is a bum....etc,etc. If Browning plays well for us then what? Will all of you recant? I don't think so. Look at Kennedy, the report out of camp is that he has done well and fits in Bate's system. But most people have said he was a bust when we signed him.

Time will only tell what we decide to do, so in the meantime, let's just wait it out and see what happens. To often people say players are washed up, but if the money is right and the Broncos staff feels like the guy can still play, I say roll the dice. Some times a new start is the best start. Whats the worst that can happen? They get cut?

I love all of our fans on this board but sometimes I think we are a little to CRITICAL of our beloved Broncos!